Thanks 2021, Hello 2022!

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Happy almost New Year 2022 everyone!

As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite moments for Mountain High Suckers throughout this whirlwind year.


Launched in Missouri and Oklahoma

That’s right – if you’re located in Missouri or Oklahoma you can now find our products on the shelves. This was a long process, but we are so happy to have located great manufacturing partners, completed our licensing and regulation red tape, and new compliant packaging that fit each states’ requirements. We’re still a small business, but stepping into becoming “multi-state operators” was a huge next step for our business. Thanks all involved for making it happen and thanks to all the local fans who patiently awaited our launch!

Launched New Sour & Single Flavor Lozenges

You asked, and we supplied! We launched a brand new line of our improved Sweet Pieces (Rec) and Lozenges (Med) this year featuring new mixed flavor sours and individual mixed berry, watermelon, sour grape and sour lemon flavors. These individual flavors pack the same punch as our original but are made so you can grab a whole bag of your favorite flavors. Check out our updated packaging format and designs there too!

Discontinued Our Award-Winning CBD Line

In an early effort to get our products across state lines in the safest (and legal) ways, we launched our Mountain High Select CBD products in 2020.  We invested an e-commerce shop and despite tasting great, working effective as a broad spectrum hemp product, and being among some of the highest ranked CBD edibles online, we have decided to discontinue that product due to logistical, supply and quality control issues. We will continue to launch our blended THC & CBD products in our current states and hope to expand those opportunities to other states too.

Big Year for Our Partner: Comedian Josh Blue

We’re so proud of our friend and partner Josh Blue for having a dynamite year as a comedian, coming up 3rd on one of the US’s biggest TV show’s: America’s Got Talent. Josh spent the whole year hustling his comedy act on Tour to top off the amazing year for his career. Also, we’re proud to roll out our collaboration product Josh’s Blue Dream in Missouri too. If you’re located in Missouri, look for Josh’s product for one of the few edibles that is Blue Dream strain specific.

Improving Our Brand & Social Media

Last, we want to send out a big thank you to our web & design team at Colorado 420 Websites for continuing to improve our company’s look, and our new partners at YouWho Digital for making our social media and product photography shine. These partners handle everything from spiffing up our logo, keeping our website afloat, creating complaint packaging for our new markets, and doing a fabulous job of making our social media channels approachable. Hit them up for quality services for cannabis.


Thanks so much for rolling with us and stay tuned for much more next year!