Mountain High Suckers: THC Magazine Review

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Earlier this year, in their April 4/20 addition, THC Magazine wrote a great review of our Pineapple Toasted Coconut Sucker. Check it out below:

“The Pineapple Toasted Coconut sucker from Mountain High Suckers is potent in both THC and CBD. First off, this lollipop looks amazing. The toasted coconut flakes are suspended in pineapple infused deliciousness. While the pineapple flavor dominates, the toasted coconut flakes are a tasty reward the more you suck. This discreet treat can be taken anywhere and is perfect for the on-the-go cannabis consumer. It takes a while for the lollipop to dissolve in your mouth, creating what I’d call a “slow-release” effect. The CBD provides a pleasant body high, while the 28 mgs of THC will leave you with more of the lingering, yet enjoyable, stoney-baloney type high. I would recommend this sucker for when you are hung-over and want to take a two-hour nap during the day. It comes on slow, but it’s strong, and it lasts the better part of a day. I enjoyed this edible, and I am excited to try the other unique flavors available from Mountain High Suckers.”

-Sam Ruderman, THC Magazine

Check out our review in the magazine right here: [icon type=”file-pdf-o”] Download PDF

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