Review: Mountain High Suckers in Culture Magazine

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Earlier in April, Mountain High Suckers had the privilege of being reviewed and featured in Culture Magazine!

Check out the reviews below from Culture and download a special sample of the April edition.

Butterscotch Toffee Sucker

“Mountain High Suckers is known for their array of creative suckers, like this Butterscotch Toffee Sucker. The butterscotch sucker head is a translucent light-brown color with a green hue. There are tiny toffee chunks embedded in the sucker. This medical sucker is packed with 38.49mg of active cannabinoids consisting of CBD,CBC and CBN along with just the right amount of THC. The butterscotch lollipop is sweet and syrupy and the toffee chunks help hide the cannabis flavor. Note that the small sucker has nearly four times the recreational dosage, so it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it. The high-quality wrapping is great for sliding the sucker back into its packaging so you can enjoy the rest another time.”

Tangerine Sucker

Edibles manufacturers have been going through a lot in Colorado lately— to put it lightly—in dealing with new regulations from the state. In some cases, though, it’s ultimately been for the better. Case in point: Mountain High Suckers, who have been making a great product for years. Their new packaging, however, is as stunning as it is functional. Our THC/CBD Tangerine Sucker was a blast, and at 10mg, we were totally functional when we ate the whole thing. Those who wanted to wait could simply toss it back in the convenient new holder that comes with. The effect was exceptionally balanced yet quick acting, as most were feeling the effects within the first half hour. Reviewers with stomach issues noted how quickly it relieved symptoms while also stimulating hunger. Usually, hunger that involved more suckers.

Mountain High Sucker Lozenges

For years, the only time you heard about lozenges were from a strange man in the Alps. Fast forward to 2015 and Mountain High Suckers are making them the coolest—and not in a mentholated way. Our pack had three flavors, our favorite being the mouthwatering tangerine that didn’t leave a noticeable weedy aftertaste. Now offered for recreational users, the 10mg packs even boast a little CBD, although you’re predominantly feeling a nice head effect and body relaxation. We had two reviewers split a pack, both noting that it made them feel much better—and different—than the Ricolas they tried earlier.

Honey Dew Melon Sucker

Just about everything is better when you have a sucker, part of the reason they give them to you at the bank as they take all your money. Instead of waiting until payday, we’d recommend heading to just about any dispensary to pick up the affordable, brand new and refreshing Honey Dew Melon Sucker. While other lozenges on the market can make you feel like you’ve been sucking on hash oil for an hour, we loved its clean taste with barely any “green” flavor. With little psychoactive effect, these are perfect for someone who is looking for the healing benefits of cannabis but might be nervous trying an edible.

Cherry Sucker

No one wants to be referred to as a sucker. Not even octopii. The only good scenario is if you’re Mountain High Suckers, purveyors of fine candy treats for years, or you picked up their 10mg Cherry Sucker. Providing both THC and CBD, the cherry flavor is on point and tastes like a fresh bing cherry, masking cannabis flavor so the first lick is as great as the last. We found that one was our magic number, as the dose was a huge mood booster that had reviewers giggling half an hour later. Those with colitis and intestinal issues also heaped praise on the quick relief they felt.


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